Tasting Notes- New Belgium X Brewery Vivant Biere de Garde


This is a collaboration between two Belgian style breweries located in the United States, New Belgium in Colorado, and Brewery Vivant in Grand Rapids, MI. The Bier de Garde name means “beer for keeping,” in French. Farmhouse brewers mainly brewed in colder months so they ended the season with a stronger batch to last into the non-brewing months.

After a smooth golden pour and a disappering white head, this beer smells of citrus and malt. The taste is light and funky, with more funkiness to follow.


There is some citrus intertwined with the funk, and the finish is slightly apple tinged and tart, fading away, not cloying. This is for the Belgian-style beer fan, as the funkiness is an acquired taste for most drinkers, and not what some expect or want without having experienced it in other Belgian styles prior to this one. Purchased at Tom’s Foods, Okemos. Thanks again to The Oxford Companion to Beer for the knowledge.


2 thoughts on “Tasting Notes- New Belgium X Brewery Vivant Biere de Garde

  1. Great review. I’m a fan of this collaboration. I’d like to see it in a smaller bottle for more frequent drinking. I like the call-out to The Oxford Companion to Beer. You mentioned New Holland in the title instead of New Belgium.

    • Thanks for catching my error in the title of the post. It makes more sense now that it is corrected. I have always been a fan of smaller bottles and get frustrated when a beer I like is only offered in large bottles. Thanks for your addition to the blog!

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